10 benefits of a healthy workplace

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We have got together with our specialist team and asked the question ‘what are the benefits of a healthy workplace?’ – Here are their top 10!

1 – Improved health and wellbeing

The most significant and most obvious benefit of a healthy workplace is the improvement of the workforce’s health and wellbeing. According to non-profit organization Mind Share Partners, 84% of employees reported at least one workplace factor that negatively impacted their mental health with 50% claiming to leave their jobs for their mental health in 2021. This shows how companies need to prioritize the psychological and physical health of the employees.

2 – Greater productivity and performance

A business can increase productivity when employees are healthy and happy in the workforce. When a company invests in creating a healthy workplace that prioritizes the needs of employees, it maintains the employee’s excitement to work and contribute to the company and personal goals – pushing themselves to do better every time. As a result, companies will see an improvement in the performance of their employees as well as the quality output they make.

3 – Improved corporate image, attracting the best candidates

When employees are satisfied with the company culture and healthy workplace of a company, it leads to an improvement in the organization’s corporate image. Having a healthy workplace shows how the company is serious about taking care of their employees, which is a factor that job applicants look for. It makes the company stand out from the rest of its competitors and helps attract a diverse and talented pool of candidates.

4 – Increased job satisfaction

Seeing employees happy with the workplace is one of the significant benefits of a healthy workplace. When a workplace caters to the needs and wants of an employee, they are less likely to burn out and lose interest in their work. When this happens, the need for employees to find other opportunities elsewhere lessens and staff turnover rates of the company decrease.

5 – Greater work development and learning opportunities

Employees feel appreciated when their work environment allows them to explore their capabilities and skills in their work. Because of this, employees are excited to learn and try new things that could improve and add to their knowledge and expertise. It is up to the employers to match employees’ needs and provide growth and development opportunities such as opening promotional roles to all employees interested and offering educational workshops to expand their knowledge and skills on particular topics.

6 – Improved employee morale

A healthy workplace sees employees’ happiness increase and motivation to continue working. Having a healthy workplace also helps employees feel safe, heard, and comfortable enough to freely work and express their creativity without feeling judged. When an employee is buried in work without any time to take a break, they can quickly burn out and lose morale.

7 – Lower absenteeism rates

A company that neglects to care for its employees will see a rise in absenteeism and tardiness. This is due to employees not caring for themselves in unhealthy work environments and getting sick or not going to work.

Companies who take the time to cultivate a healthy workplace will see fewer health and sickness instances, lowering the number of absenteeism and tardiness. It also shows how companies view and care for their employees, which increases the morale and motivation of employees to do work. For example, investing in health and wellness initiatives like promoting a healthy lifestyle with wellness workshops or lifestyle assessments and educating employees about health issues can help reduce absenteeism.

8 – Increased employee engagement

A healthy workplace naturally increases employee engagement in the workforce. When an employee is engaged, there is higher productivity rate, greater loyalty, better retention rates, and enhanced customer experiences.

Acknowledging employees’ work through shout-outs and rewards can make employees feel appreciated and seen. This, in turn, increases their comfort and trust in the company and boosts their engagement. 

9 – Lower turnover rate

Employee retention is a serious issue companies face, especially now, where employees are more comfortable in exploring other opportunities. Employees who are happy with their company’s work environment will be less likely to leave for another company.

When turnover rates are low, it helps companies lower costs and additional effort that constant hiring, training, and onboarding brings. In addition, when employees feel supported, appreciated, and engaged, they are more committed to their employer and doing their best work.

10 – Lower workers’ compensation premiums

Having a healthy workplace sees employees satisfied, motivated, and healthy. In effect, companies will see a reduction in claimed workers’ compensation premiums. Although it is still vital for companies to offer workers’ compensation premiums, the deduction of the claims allows employers to explore lower workers’ compensation premiums that still fit the needs of employees but helps companies save money that they can direct to other wellness programs.

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